Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year! My Top 10 Photos Of 2022

It's been a busy busy year. For landscape photography, art sales, and with the commercial photography side of my business. It's been great!

It's also been a couple years since I've done a top 10 post. But so many new images were shot this year, I was feeling inspired. These aren't necessarily my best performing images on social media, or my new best sellers. These are my personal favorites that bring the biggest smile to my face when I look at them.

The photos are numbered, I'm curious, which one is your favorite?

_Q1A9384.jpg1. "Boca Reservoir Ice 2" - Sunrise photograph of ice on a frozen over Boca Reservoir in Truckee, California. This one was a bit sketchy. The ice was thick enough but it sure didn't look like it as it had broken up then refroze.

2. "Icy Eagle Falls 8" - Photograph of frozen and flowing water at Eagle Falls above Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe in the winter. Another sketchy photography adventure. I needed my ice crampons to get down to the bottom of of these falls. Not an easy shot but I loved the results!

_Q1A9775.jpg3. "Donner Lake Sunrise 31" - Sunrise photograph of sheets of ice piled up along the shoreline of Donner Lake in Truckee, California. More ice! But a lot safer. It was slippery but at least I didn't have to worry about falling down a icy waterfall.

_Q1A2467 benchPanorama.jpg4. "Sunset at Lake Tahoe 48" - Wide angle panoramic photograph of a colorful pink sunset and a bench above Lake Tahoe. I was so happy I decided to stop and hike to this bench after a real estate photography shoot. Not bad for an unplanned shoot!

_Q1A6568b.jpg5. "Lupine Sunset 9" Photograph of a large lupine wildflower field and an incredible sunset in Tahoe City, California. Ah, the lupine. When lake water levels are low, the lupine around the shorelines can bloom big. This year was a very BIG year for them. And I was lucky to catch this big pink cloud at sunset with the purple lupine. All the other photographers who where there left very happy that evening.

_Q1A7483.jpg 6. "Lupine at Prosser Reservoir 5" - Sunset photograph of lupine wildflowers along the shoreline and in the water at Prosser Reservoir, near Truckee, California.
A smaller different type of lupine at a smaller nearby lake. The water had risen after they bloomed, creating a very cool look to the flowers at sunset.

_Q1A8170.jpg7. "Fireworks at Donner Lake 6" - Panoramic photograph of Independence Day fireworks at Donner Lake in Truckee, California. A favorite spot at a favorite time of year. Donner Lake fireworks shows are always great! And usually quite photogenic too.

_Q1A0747.jpg 8. "Donner Lake Sunset 63" - Sunset photograph of boulders and plants above Donner Lake and Truckee, California. Quill dog was with me for this little photo adventure. It was a beautiful sunset and some little flowers blooming made it a little better.

MoonOverStarLake.jpg9. "Full Moon Over Star Lake" - Panoramic photograph of the full moon and stars above Star Lake, located on the Tahoe Rim Trail near South Lake Tahoe. What a fun adventure this trip was! Shot during an overnight backpacking adventure with a couple friends. 25 miles with the backpack and camera gear was tough, but totally worth it.

_Q1A7282.jpg10. "Downtown Truckee 90" - Sunrise photograph of historic Downtown Truckee covered in snow during the holidays. Many new snowy Christmasy photos were shot this year. Here's a favorite, but if you like more Christmas lights and decorations, check some out some of my other recent blog posts...

Unfortunately, I can not embed one of my slideshows here. However, if you would like to see these images full screen, please follow this Scott Shots Photography top 10 slideshow link. All the images above can be purchased as prints and as gift items through my website, just follow the link under the images, the click "add to cart" for info.

As always, thank you for looking! I hope you have enjoyed seeing my photos and adventures this past year. I hope to share many many more in 2023. CHEERS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography