Saturday, December 17, 2022

More New Snowy Truckee Photos

Life has been busy lately, I almost forgot to share these new photos.

The image below was shot a few days ago right after the big snowstorm that we had. Yup, it's another Downtown Truckee photo... Yes, I shoot a lot of images of Truckee, California. It's where I live and it's a tourist town so I sell lots of prints as souvenirs at Gallery 5830'. I also license these images as stock photography to local businesses. In fact, our local Chamber of Commerce has already licensed this new image below and it was in their email newsletter this morning, woohoo!



Prior to the photo above, I took a 5:30 am walk with the camera in the little main area of Historic Downtown Truckee. I had posted some Christmas photos of Truckee a few days ago but they had a lot less snow in the images. These new photos are of Truckee with a proper fresh coat of snow.









It was looking incredible out!!!


Today, I did some rearranging of artwork on the walls of Gallery 5830'. The little prints on the left wall are brand new. 8"x12" metal prints that are ready to hang and are reasonably priced. One of the cool things I like about this gallery is that they accept certain crypto currencies for payment.

We've been trying to display more winter images for the holidays, there are plenty on the wall now. Tonight is the last "Festive Fridays" in Downtown Truckee. The gallery will be open late and I will be there, enjoying the holiday fun!



Thank you for looking and I hope you are all having a great day. Enjoy the weekend. CHEERS!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography