Friday, November 5, 2021

Now Exhibiting At The Genoa Gallery!

I'm happy to announce that I am now selling prints at The Genoa Gallery ( )
The gallery has a nice variety of artists, a list of them can be found on their website. I have both canvas prints at the gallery, as well as smaller unframed print. 

Below are some images that I have recently shot of Genoa, Nevada. These will soon be available as prints in the gallery. 

"Sunrise Over Genoa 1" - Sunrise photograph of fall colors and Genoa, Nevada.

"Rainbow Over Genoa, Nevada 3" - Photograph of a vibrant rainbow over fall foliage in the town of Genoa, Nevada.

"Cattle In Nevada 1" - Panoramic photograph of grazing cattle in Genoa, Nevada.

If you find yourself exploring the beautiful little town of Genoa, Nevada, please do stop by this new gallery and tell them I sent you! Thank you!

Scott Thompson


Monday, July 12, 2021

Art Obsessions and The Rancharrah Shopping Center

The Rancharrah Shopping Center in Reno, Nevada and the Art Obsessions Gallery (where I sell my prints out of) have been a lot busier lately. For obvious reasons, things slowed down at the new shopping center quite a bit but now things are opening back up, more new businesses and restaurants have been moving in, and Art Obsessions has been open, busy, and hosting events. 

There will be a fun wine tasting event this Saturday at the gallery. Michelle Courier will be the featured artist and will be at the gallery both Saturday and Sunday, July 17-18th. LifeWine will be doing wine tastings both days as well. (More information here). I will also be at the gallery this Saturday, helping out with the event. A bit of my work will also be on exhibit, as always. 

I thought I'd post a few new photos of the Rancharrah Shopping Center and also of the Rancharrah Mansion. The sunset views of the mansion from the shopping center are incredible!

"Rancharrah Sunset 3" - Photograph of a walking bridge and the Rancharrah Mansion in Reno, Nevada, shot during an incredible sunset.
"Rancharrah Sunset 3" - Photograph of a walking bridge and the Rancharrah Mansion in Reno, Nevada, shot during an incredible sunset.

"The Village at Rancharrah 1" - Photograph of the Village at Rancharrah shopping center at dusk, the Rancharrah Mansion can be seen in the distance.

"Rancharrah Mansion at Christmas 1" - Photograph of the Rancharrah Mansion in Reno, Nevada with Christmas lights decorating the mansion.

"Rancharrah Sunset 2" - Sunset photograph of the famous Rancharrah mansion in Reno, Nevada.

And, here's a slideshow of these image and more photos of the Art Obsessions Gallery, the Rancharrah Shopping Center, events at those locations, and a few more Reno, Nevada photos. 

Thank you for looking and I hope to see you at the gallery this Saturday or at another event there.  Please consider subscribing to the gallery's newsletter for the latest event info. The subscribe link can be found at the bottom of this page:

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson's images are available as large fine art prints, gift items, and to license, download, and use as stock photography. 

Friday, January 29, 2021

Photography Exhibit At Art Obsessions Gallery in Reno - February 11th

Please join me and photographer Abe Blair for a photography exhibit at the Art Obsessions art gallery in Reno Nevada, on February 11th. The flyer with info is below. I hope to see you there!  Gallery Newsletter with info link CLICK HERE

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

My Top 10 Tahoe Area Photos of 2020

I shot many photo this year but I do believe it was a lot less than last year. Print sales have been great and I now sell out of two galleries. Art Obsessions in Reno, Nevada and Art Truckee in Downtown Truckee, California.  Despite this year's challenges, things have been going pretty well.

Here are my favorite top 10 images that I shot in 2020, in the order that they were shot:


1. I'll start with a couple puppy photos. It's not my usual subject matter but early in the year my family brought this little guy home and wow, has he taken up a lot of time... We love him and he's modeled for me many times now.

1. "Puppy in Snowy Sagehen Meadows 5" - Photograph of a Golden Retriever puppy "Quill" playing in the snow and Camas wildflowers at Sagehen Meadows, a little north of Truckee, California.


2. Here's another shot of Quill below. This image ended up as a cover shot on the August 2020 issue of Tahoe Weekly.

2. "Puppy Above Lake Tahoe 2" - Photograph of Golden Retriever puppy "Quill" above Lake Tahoe.

3. Boca Reservoir is a nearby spot that I brought the pup to many times over the spring and summer. This year, the little lupine wildflowers at the lake bloomed bigger than I had ever seen at the reservoir. Add and nice sunset and BAM! I love this shot.

3. "Lupine at Boca Reservoir Sunset 3" - Photograph of Lupine wildflowers growing along the shore at Boca Reservoir in Truckee, California.


4. I am very excited about a new art gallery in Reno, Nevada that I am selling prints out of, Art Obsessions.  I know, Reno is technically not Tahoe, but it my nearest city where I do much of my shopping. 

It was a tough year for my friends to open a gallery... but the new shopping center and gallery are looking great and all the restaurants and other shops should be open in a few months. The photo below is the Rancharrah mansion, it is the "backdrop" to the shopping center, you can see the mansion from the shopping center's courtyard.

4. "Rancharrah Sunset 2" - Sunset photograph of the famous Rancharrah mansion in Reno, Nevada.

5. I love this Nevada shaped horse corral, it is located very near the Art Obsessions gallery. In fact, this sunset shot below was shot on the same evening as the Rancharrah sunset photo above. I was able to hop in the car and drive up to this spot before the amazing colors of this sunset disappeared. Downtown Reno can be seen in the distant left and the Rancharrah mansion can be seen in the right of the photo.

5. "Reno, Nevada Sunset 1" - Photograph of a Nevada shaped horse corral and Reno, Nevada shot at sunset.


6. I had a lot of fun with shooting abstracts in Reno and Truckee this year. This is a new temporary neon sign in Truckee that made for a great subject matter.

6. "Truckee Lights 1" - Photograph of the Truckee sign outside of Moody's Bistro Bar and Beats in Downtown Truckee, California. The abstract effect was obtained in camera by long exposure mixed with intentional camera movement.

7. Yup, I also had fun shooting abstracts of the fall colors up here in the Tahoe area. This one was my favorite of what I captured. My son wanted a canvas print of this one for his college dorm. Done, it looks great as a print!

7. "Autumn Abstract 1" - Photograph of Aspen trees at Paige Meadows, near Lake Tahoe in the fall. The abstract effect is achieved by intentional camera movement while hand holding the camera.

8. This is a spot I've driven by many many times over the last 18 years. I finally stopped and got some photos of it this fall. I'm glad I did! This one is another one that should look great as a very large print.

8. "Truckee River in Autumn 32" - Photograph of the Truckee River in the fall, shot off of Hwy 80, in California, just west of Nevada.

9. Fall is a great time of year for photography. The yellow and orange foliage makes for attention grabbing subject matter. Mix that with a little fresh snow and YES! I love how this photo turned out. The contrasting colors really make my eyes happy.

9. "Donner Lake in Autumn 15" - Photograph of fall foliage, snow, and a dock along the shore of Donner Lake in Truckee, California.

10. I'm finishing off the top ten list with this snowy Christmas photo in Downtown Truckee, California. It's an incredible location for photography during the holidays, Truckee really goes all out with the lights. It's tricky shooting in these kind of heavy snowy conditions but so worth it when you get a shot like the one below.

10. "Snowy Christmas Tree in Truckee 12" - Photograph of a snow-covered Christmas tree at night, during a snowstorm, in Historic Downtown Truckee, California.

Thank you for checking out my top 10 photos of 2020 list. I know it's been a tough year for many people, I hope you were all able to have a few highlights and beautiful moments in order to make things a bit easier. 

Happy Hew Year and Cheers to 2021!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography

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