Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Scott Shots Photography Logo!

Introducing the new Scott Shots Photography logo!!!  Designed by Cesar Lopez of Atypical Design.

I have been using my previous logo for about 7 years, it was something I designed when I was a "hybrid" photographer. Meaning I shot on 35mm slide film, then scanned the film into a computer using a 4000 dpi scanner, and printed on a large ink jet printer. The film strip logo with ones and zeros instead of film sprockets was fun, but it's been a while since I shot film so I felt the logo was outdated.

I have known Cesar for quite some time as a friend, client, and service provider. He has designed business cards for me and helped me with my website. During a recent meeting about branding with some of Truckee's best marketing minds, the Market Well, I mentioned that I had been wanting a new logo but was stumped on what to do. Without even asking Cesar to do so, he had an incredible logo ready for me a day or two later. And I loved it! A few minor adjustments later and it was perfect.

When I first saw the logo, I immediately noticed the interesting, retro like font the Scott Shots was in, which gave a classic look to the logo. Then I noticed the Instagram-like camera, which said to me "modern photography". The "since 1998" well, that let's you know I've been at this a while. The rough edges and "wine stain" circle felt fun and artsy. The "Commercial - Fine Art", hey, that's what I do. Cesar Lopez nailed it all in a visually appealing circle of awesomeness.

I asked Cesar for a few words about his creation and he had this to say:

"The logo for Scott Shots Photo manifested in a flash of inspiration. Using some pre-existing textures and some typographic inspiration I was able to quickly create this logo simply as a proof-of-concept sketch for Scott Thompson to consider. Of course, I didn't expect for the quickly drafted concept to become reality and serve as the actual brand mark. However, as Scott put it, "Man, you just nailed it!" After a few tweaks and refinements we have a meaningful new brand mark for Scott Shots Photo.
I'm left wondering if it was truly just a flash of inspiration that created the design. Or, whether it was the 30 blessed years of working as a graphic designer and visual communicator that really did all of the work. The world may never know."     
- Cesar Lopez, 

Thank you Cesar, I look forward to using the logo for years to come!

-Scott Thompson