Monday, March 12, 2012

Downtown Truckee, California - A Great Spot for Photography

"Snowy Sierra Tavern 1" - This snow scene of the Sierra Tavern and Commercial Row was
photographed in historic Downtown Truckee, CA.

Historic Downtown Truckee in the Tahoe area of California is a great spot for photography, but it is often skipped by photographers visiting Tahoe who head for the big lake instead. Downtown Truckee is about a 15-20 minute drive from Lake Tahoe and can provide many styles of photos in a small, walkable area.

"Snowy Truckee River 1" - This foggy and snowy scene of the 
Truckee River was photographed from the bridge near
West River St. in Downtown Truckee, CA.
"Downtown Truckee Tracks 2"- These railroad tracks were
photographed in Downtown Truckee, in the early morning.

Commercial Row in Downtown Truckee has a great deal of history to it, here's a link to a walking map that points out historic locations. I'm not a historian but you can find many great stories about Truckee's history at Many of the buildings in Truckee have an old western feel to them and are very photogenic. Truckee has recently improved it's sidewalks and walking around for photos is very easy, even after snow storms.
Commercial Row in Downtown Truckee.

Brickelltown wagon in Downtown Truckee.
There are some great vantage points above Downtown Truckee that can give you nice photos of the town. The hillside by the Cottonwood Restaurant provides a great view of historic Commercial Row, especially in the fall. Truckee has a good deal of Cottonwood trees along the Truckee River and aspens scattered throughout town that can turn a brilliant yellow or orange color. The Rocking Stone can provide a nice view above the opposite side of town.
Photographed from the Rocking Stone.

"Downtown Truckee in the Fall 2"

Downtown Truckee can also provide you with photos of an old diner and a classic Flying A gas station replica that is now a clothing store. The Christmas Holiday season is a great time to visit as most of Downtown Truckee gets decorated in twinkling Christmas lights. You might even get lucky and photograph a snow covered Christmas tree or snowy candy cane if the weather cooperates. Trains in Downtown Truckee are a regular sighting and are often stopped or going slow, perfect for photography. If you happen to take a helicopter or airplane ride for some Truckee aerial photography, the downtown area can be very photogenic by air as well.

So the next time you visit Lake Tahoe for photography, be sure to take a little trip into Truckee, you wont be disappointed. And if the lighting happens to not be that great, stop into one of our many restaurants or bars where you can get "motivated" and wait for the lighting to improve...

Please enjoy this slide show below of even more Downtown Truckee photography (and the surrounding area). If you have any questions about the location of a photo or how it was shot, don't hesitate  to ask in the comments section below. Thank you.

-Scott Thompson

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