Saturday, December 30, 2023

New Icy Abstract Photos - Which One Do You Like Best?

I went on a little icicle hunt today at an unnamed creek that feeds into Donner Creek, up above Donner Lake here in Truckee, California. Success! I found some ice along the creek, it was looking beautiful, and I ended up with some keeper photos that are now up on my website.

There was about 1-2 feet of snow in the area. This is a very low amount of snow for that spot during this time of year. Last year, there was probably 10 feet of snow there mid-December and the creek would have been buried, with no visible ice. It was fairly easy to walk along the creek and get some "cool" photos of the ice.

These were all shot with the Canon 5DS R and a 24-105mm lens. They were also all shot with a lens aperture of f/22. This is a small aperture that creates a good depth of field, where the foreground is in focus, and the background is in focus. Well... actually, these were macro type shots so even at f/22, the ice that was further back was still a little out of focus. The ISO and shutter speed varied, but they were all somewhat long exposures that required the camera to be on a tripod. This helped give a bit of a smear look to the moving creek water. Frozen water mixed with water in motion is a look I like.

I do like all of these, but I couldn't decide which one I liked best. The photos are numbered, please let me know which one you like best (if you even like them at all...). Thank you!







Thank you for looking and I hope you all had a great day.

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography