Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Lake Tahoe Photos From Yesterday's Fishing Adventure

Yesterday was a good day. I was invited out on my buddy Pete's boat for a day of fishing on Lake Tahoe. Just being out on the lake is good enough in my book. But add a couple of caught fish, and some "keeper" landscape photos, and it was a very successful day too!


Pete caught this huge brown trout right at the beginning of our day. It put him in a great mood! He believes it was his personal best for brown trout. I netted the fish for him and I couldn't believe how heavy it was for a brown. Yes, there are bigger fish in the lake, mackinaw get quite a bit bigger. But a brown trout this big is special. It was released so it could go breed and make more mega browns.


I was hoping to keep this second fish for dinner, but when we brought it up onto the boat, we saw that it was incredibly skinny for how long it was. It's hard to tell from this photo, but it looked weird and I didn't trust it. Perhaps it was sick? I don't know but I decided I didn't want to eat it so it was released as well.


It was a long fun day of fishing, not a whole lot of catching... but any day out on the lake is a good day.


Alright. I'll admit that I didn't personally catch any fish :( But... I did catch a bunch of incredible scenes with my camera. There were hardly any wind or waves, which gave the lake surface a mirror-like effect. The clouds were looking great, and with their reflections, they were incredible!


This one below was my personal favorite of the day. The wispy clouds, the incredible blues, the thin mountain line... I love it! It should look great as a large print on a wall.


Both images above were shot with the Canon 5DS R and a 24-105mm lens, handheld. The ISO was 200, and they were both quick exposures. No lens filters were used.


As we were pulling the boat out of the water at the end of the day, the clouds fired off with beautiful pink colors. Unfortunately, there were tons of buoys near the dock so I wasn't able to get any great horizontal wide angle photos. I shot some, but meh... the buoys ruined the shot in my opinion, so I didn't work on any of those. This vertical above was the best of those images.

Below is a photo of the boat launch and the dock. There were hardly any other boats on the water, here you can see why. Launching a boat on an icy ramp isn't easy, but Pete does it often and it was no problem for him.


It was another great fishing and photography adventure! Those kind of days are my favorites.
Thank you for looking and I hope you have all been having some great adventures too.

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography