Sunday, December 31, 2023

My Top Ten Photos Of 2023 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It's that time of year where I like to look back at the photos I've shot this past year, and choose my top ten favorites. These aren't necessarily the crowd favorites or the ones that got the most attention on social medias. These are the images that stick out to me as being special and that I'm especially proud of.

donnersnowsunrise Panorama.jpg1. "Donner Lake Sunrise 47"
I really like how smooth the snow is in this shot. It's a very popular area and capturing it with no footprints or ski/snowboard tracks is rare. The sunrise was a great one and the arcs of the bridge, shadow, and car on the road all came together to create a great look.

_Q1A1169.jpg2. "Old Hwy 40 At Night 3"
Yes, I've shot this location a few time in the past, but not with the Milky Way over Donner Lake. It was a cold evening, but totally worth it!

_Q1A7663b.jpg3. "Sunrise at Paradise Lake 5"
From a backpacking adventure to Paradise Lake, a favorite little local lake of mine. The water was perfectly smooth, the sunrise was a nice one, and the red leaves on the plants all made it a "keeper"!

4 - "Donner Lake in Autumn 27"
I shot a ton of photos of Donner Lake this fall. Well... I now live across the street from the lake! It makes it "easy" to get out there when the light is looking perfect. I really like the reflection of the yellow Cottonwood trees in this shot.

_Q1A0182.jpg5. "Donner Lake Sunset 72"
Yup, another Donner Lake shoreline shot! The sunset fired off big time, it was one of my favorite shows of the year.

_Q1A0226.jpg6. "Donner Lake in Autumn 32"
Did I mention that I shot a ton of Donner Lake photos this fall??? Fall colors, mixed with the low fog on the water, and a nice sunburst... Bam! This one was incredibly popular with the locals on other social medias.

_Q1A2388.jpg7. "Lake Tahoe 5"
Alright... This one was genuinely my favorite photo of the year. It was a fairly simple shot. But it was a case of being at the right spot, at the right time. I was fishing from a boat, enjoying this view, when I got out the camera for a quick photo. This image is the new "cover image" on my website

8 - "Icy Abstract 6"
A super cool photo... We've had some cold days this winter, but not a lot of snowy ones. This means there has been a lot of ice built up along the streams and creeks. I really like the composition of this macro shot. It would look "cool" printed up extra large and hanging on a wall.

_Q1A3218 Panorama.jpg9. "Sunset at Lake Tahoe 54"
It's hard to go wrong with a Lake Tahoe sunset photo. This recent sunset was particularly beautiful and serene. Another one that was incredibly popular with the locals on social media.

10 - "Donner Lake Sunset 74"
And #10, just made it onto the list! Shot 12-29-23. I love the rock spiral. The sunset was nice, but the spiral makes it a unique photo.

All of these images are available as large (and small) fine art prints on my website in the "Recent Work Gallery". Here's a SLIDESHOW of the images. Each image above is numbered, I'm curious, which is your favorite???

Thank you for looking. I hope you all had a great 2023. Cheers to 2024! Happy New Year!!!!!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography