Friday, November 5, 2021

Now Exhibiting At The Genoa Gallery!

I'm happy to announce that I am now selling prints at The Genoa Gallery ( )
The gallery has a nice variety of artists, a list of them can be found on their website. I have both canvas prints at the gallery, as well as smaller unframed print. 

Below are some images that I have recently shot of Genoa, Nevada. These will soon be available as prints in the gallery. 

"Sunrise Over Genoa 1" - Sunrise photograph of fall colors and Genoa, Nevada.

"Rainbow Over Genoa, Nevada 3" - Photograph of a vibrant rainbow over fall foliage in the town of Genoa, Nevada.

"Cattle In Nevada 1" - Panoramic photograph of grazing cattle in Genoa, Nevada.

If you find yourself exploring the beautiful little town of Genoa, Nevada, please do stop by this new gallery and tell them I sent you! Thank you!

Scott Thompson