Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe Sunset

The sunsets and sunrises have been incredible up here in the Tahoe area lately!

I had a busy day with the camera yesterday. After I shot two real estate photo jobs, I ended up getting dinner at my favorite little Mexican food stands. Their Chimichangas are incredible! After I got my order, I drove across the street to Kings Beach, where there were plenty of unused picnic tables. The clouds were looking like they might make for a nice sunset so I hung out at the beach for an hour and waited.


I'm glad I waited! The sunset was a real stunner. The oranges and reds were intense, and it was one of those sunset where the color stuck around a looong time.


These were both shot with the Canon 5DS R and a 16-35mm lens. No lens filters were used, however, two flash units were used in order to light up those trees and get those fall colors to pop.


Happy photographer, once again. I have been getting a lot of new photos for my website lately, which yes, makes me smile!


Thank you for looking and I hope you all had a great day too!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography