Friday, February 16, 2024

Icy Abstract Photo. What Do You Think It Looks Like?

I was lucky to get out again recently on the cross-country skis for a little exercise at Donner Lake, here in Truckee, California. While out, I decided to ski over to Coldstream Pond, to see what I could see. There were some interesting cracks in the ice that that had frozen back over. I really liked the look of this scene on the pond. I know what I think it looks like, but what do you think it looks like???


Shot with the Canon 5DS R and a 24-105mm lens. The ISO was 160, the lens aperture was f/18, and it was a fast 1/200 of a second exposure. When I shoot handheld, I like to have a nice fast shutter speed, it helps the image be a lot sharper and look better as a big print.

Here's a look at the whole frozen pond. I'm not sure if the ice was thick enough to walk on, but I certainly wasn't going to find out...

Thanks for looking and I hope you are all having a great day!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography