Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Color Photography in the Tahoe and Truckee Area.

Despite having an rough start to my fall photography season up here in Truckee, CA, I'm pretty happy with it so far. It started out looking like it was going to be a great year but before the yellow colors in  the aspen and cottonwood really peaked, we had high winds, heavy rain, and a little snow storm. This knocked off most of the yellow leaves around the Tahoe area. I was bummed but the little bit of snow we did get mixed with the little bit of yellow did make for a decent photo: 

"Shack near Brockway Summit 2" - This old shack was photographed along Hwy 267 near Brockway Summit, CA on a snowy fall morning.

It took a while for the green leaves that were left on the trees in the area to yellow up but they eventually did and I got out for a hike to an area I've wanted to go to for years but never have. John Staab of A Day In Your Life Photography and I hiked up to Marlette Lake from the Spooner Lake parking area. The hike took a little longer than we thought it would but it was well worth it. Most of the area's aspens had lost their leaves as well but there was a pretty large patch still looking great. The wind and water were calm so I had some fun shooting aspen reflections on the surface of Marlette Lake. I think they came out with a very "painted" look that I'm very pleased with:

The highlight of the Marlette Lake hike happened right as I was feeling like I had got all the shots I wanted and was ready to call it a day. All of a sudden John noticed a beaver swimming away from the shore, not too far from us. I got to see the beaver swim across to some younger aspen, bite off a chunk of the tree, and swim it back to his home: 

"Beaver at Marlette Lake 1" - This busy beaver was photographed moving a piece of aspen at Marlette Lake, Nevada.

A couple days after the Marlette Lake hike, I wanted to get some good shots of Downtown Truckee in the fall. I live in Truckee and this is another subject I needed more photos of. I drove around to different spots but I didn't even take out my camera, the leaves in downtown had not peaked just yet. However, yesterday I got out to Downtown Truckee again and I was much happier. The clouds made it a little difficult as the yellows don't pop as much when they're in the shade. But patience paid off, the sun peeked through a few times, and I got some great photos of the town I love: 

"Downtown Truckee in the Fall 2" - This is a photograph of homes and buildings in Downtown Truckee, CA in the fall.

"Truckee River in Autumn 2" - These cottonwood trees were photographed in autumn at the Truckee River in Downtown Truckee, CA.

All in all, I've had a pretty good fall photography season, and there's still a little bit left. We're expecting some bad weather later this weekend so I may have to get out again tomorrow before it all gets blown away until next year. 

-Scott Thompson

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