Friday, February 5, 2010

Puerto Vallarta Photography

I was lucky to spend Christmas 09 and New Years 2010 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this year. The photography opportunities there were fantastic. I had a lot of fun and shot thousands of images. Many have been added to my website, here are some:

These are photos of agave plants and tequila distilleries outside of Puerto Vallarta-

Here are some photos of interesting doors, walls and windows from San Sebastian, Puerto Vallarta, and Yelapa-

Here are some photos of El PanteĆ³n Cementario, also know as Cementario Viejo or old cemetery, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Lots of above ground graves and statues of Jesus, the Crucifix, and angels. I stayed at Angels Rest Bed and Breakfast and this cemetery was about a block away.

Mexican Cemetery - Images by Scott Thompson

And finally, some more random photographs of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and it's surrounding areas.

Mexico - Images by Scott Thompson

My tips for photographing Puerto Vallarta,Mexico:

-Travel light with your camera equipment, plan on walking a lot. One camera body and a 24-105 mm lens was all I ever needed. I never felt unsafe walking around with my gear, very friendly locals.

-Bring a portable surge protector for your electronics like your laptop and battery charger. The electrical spikes can be high, if you can bring a UPS unit that handles spikes in power, do it.

-I brought a dry bag for my gear for when I took a water taxi to Yelapa. But it really wasn't necessary, a little spray but not enough to soak camera bags. Snorkeling around Los Arcos can be great, if you have a waterproof camera, bring it.

-Have a pocket full of pesos for tips. Most locals are friendly, they love to pose but a smile and a tip will get you far. And tip jars are at all of the sand sculptures and many other places.

-Check out the local zoo, the botanical gardens, El Cementario Viejo, the Malecon, San Sebastian (a small mountain town about an hour away) and my favorite place down there, Yelapa, for some great photo opportunities.

If you have any Puerto Vallarta photography or travel questions, please feel free to ask me here.