Friday, June 3, 2011

New Lake Tahoe Aerial Photos

Earlier in the week, I was flown from Truckee to San Diego in a private plane to shoot some aerial photos and a virtual tour of an incredible property for sale. We took a slight detour at the beginning of the trip and flew past Donner Lake in Truckee, CA and Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, CA. The weather was beautiful and I was able to get a few new aerial photos I'm very happy with. 

"Donner Lake and Truckee Aerial" - Aerial photograph from a plane above Donner Lake and Truckee, CA.

"Lake Tahoe West Shore Aerial" - Aerial photograph from a plane over the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, CA.

"Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe Aerial 2" - Aerial photograph of the blue waters of Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, CA and Cascade Lake.

I was also able to capture this aerial photograph of Downtown San Diego while we approached the San Diego airport. It was very interesting flying into the big airport in a little 4 seater private plane. We were told to keep our speed up because a commercial plane was on out tail. It was amazing and a little scary how fast it landed after us. I must admit that I'm a little spoiled now, flying home commercially was not anywhere near as fun. 

-Scott Thompson
"San Diego Aerial" - Aerial photograph from a plane of Downtown San Diego and the ocean.

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