Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Golden Gate Bridge photos added to the website.

Last Thursday, I had my opening reception for an exhibit at Fancy That, in Marin. I took my son with me as we had a memorial to attend so we would be driving down to LA the next day. But before our drive, I had a mission. I woke my son up at 4:00 am and we headed out to the Golden Gate Bridge to photograph a sunrise. 

It was not my son Kane's first time out shooting a sunrise with me but he did make a rookie mistake. He had a flashlight but I guess he was sleepy because as we were heading to our scouted location, he walked right off a 2 1/2 foot drop and splat, right onto the concrete. With the way he fell, I thought for sure we would be on our way to the hospital with a broken arm. But, after some tears, he toughed it out and we were able to shoot an incredible sunrise. I really like the the complimentary blue and golden orange colors in this shot: 

"Golden Gate Bridge Sunrise 1" - Photograph of San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise. San Francisco can be seen in the distance. 30 second exposure on a tripod.

It was a bit chilly out there so Kane was pretty happy when this moment happened. The sun rose over the horizon and he could start warming up: 
"Golden Gate Bridge Sunrise 3" - Photograph of San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise. San Francisco can be seen in the distance.

We had no deadline to be on the road so I explored the streets around the Golden Gate Bridge and I found an area perfect for morning shots that I had never been before. The warm early morning light was perfect for lighting up the bridge and creating this magazine cover worthy photo:

"Golden Gate Bridge 4" - Photograph of San Francisco's famous golden gate bridge shot in the early morning.
I had spotted the location below on the way to the above location but it was in the shadows at the time. I had hoped it would be sunny when I dove by on on our way back and lucky me, it was! My son, who had not been out of Tahoe since it started snowing this winter, was very happy to see the flowers and green grass everywhere. 

"Flowers at the Golden Gate Bridge" - These flowers were photographed in the early morning with San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

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